Companion Gold Spray Adjuvant - 5 litres

Increase the power & efficiency of our powerful glyphosate weedkillers & herbicides with this spray adjuvant additive.

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Each £47·50 exc VAT
Total £47·50 exc VAT

Companion Gold is an additive that will further improve the efficiency of our glyphosate herbicides and reduce overspray.

This herbicide spray adjuvant can be used with our all of our weedkillers and improves efficiency and reduces waste by:

  • Creating larger droplets which reduces drift onto other areas therefore preventing unnecessary damage and product wastage.
  • Improves spray retention on the leaf surface so that the plants have longer to absorb the weedkiller.
  • Buffers the pH, making the solution more acidic therefore improving uptake.
  • Consistant results with both hard and soft water.
  • Increases rainfastness of your weedkilling solution in the event of bad weather, protecting against adverse environmental effects.
  • Stops foaming of solution which reduces wastage. This 5 litre pack is sufficient for 1000 litres of diluted weedkiller solution at the rate of 100ml per 20 litres, so over 60,000m2.

I don't understand what this product is for.

We know that the use of Companion Gold does seem a little unusual. After all, you are buying a quality weed killing product and then there is something else that makes that product more efficient? Well that is basically what Companion Gold does to glyphosate weed killers. It makes a number of changes to the solution such as droplet size and pH that improves the effectiveness of the weed killer.