Sprayer Directional Extension Tube

This flexible extension is ideal for directing spray and can be used with most chemicals within our range.

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Each £4·85 exc VAT
Total £4·85 exc VAT
Total £5·82 inc VAT

This 250mm flexible & directional tube is designed to provide additional reach and direction to our sprayer lances and extensions. With the extensions already reaching 3.2m or 5.4m in length, these hoses allow you to angle your spray nozzle at 360 degrees, so that you can spray behind, on top or even under areas that you couldn't do with just the telescopic extension.

These extensions are fully adjustable, so can be easily set at any angle.

An alternative for harsher chemicals is the Viton flexible connector.

A flexible tube is required when attaching a hood, such as the Rectangular Spray Hood, to either our 3.2-meter or5.4 metre lance.