First Aid Kit - Garden Range

First Aid kit for our garden range of Mesto compression sprayers

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Each £22·99 exc VAT
Total £22·99 exc VAT

This First Aid kit includes all of the most commonly required spare parts for your compression sprayer so that, should anything happen to your sprayer, you can keep spraying. This kit is to be used with our compression sprayers with plastic tanks and within our 'garden' range so the Pico, Veris, Flori, Flori Compact, Herbi and Profi sprayers and the kit includes:

  • 2 x O-Ring
  • 5 x Hollow Cone brass nozzles
  • 2 x Compression cylinder collar
  • 4 x Large hose connectors
  • 4 x Small hose connectors
  • 3 x Jet plastic nozzles
  • 4 x Hose connectors
  • 5 x Valve covers
  • 10 x Cylinder pin
  • 4 x Internal filters
  • 20 x Thread covers