ECO-Klean 100 - 1 litre

Strong, ecological, desincrustant detergent for the cleaning of buildings and other external surfaces

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ECO-Klean 100 is a versatile detergent that is certified both Ecocert and Ecolabel. ECO-Klean 100 contains a very effective surfactant that increases the cleaning power making it a very effective product even at room temperature.

Its high wetting and penetrating power emulsifies animal fats and petroleum oils as well as vegetal and organic staining. This makes ECO-Klean 100 an extremely effective product for the removal of atmospheric pollution and staining from building facades, roofs, walls and floor areas. Also, ECO-Klean 100 does not attack non-ferrous metals so can be used around aluminium doors and windows.

As Eco-Klean 100 is a high-quality product it should be used in a professional manor. It is an alkaline product therefore it is recommended to avoid prolonged contact with skin and proper protective equipment should be worn.

  • State - Liquid
  • Colour - Colourless
  • pH @ 5% - 13
  • Density - 1.09


Steam Cleaner - Make a solution of around 20% concentration so that the concentration at the nozzle tip is approximately 2%.

Manual Spray - Concentration between 5-20% and higher if necessary. Apply and leave to act between 2 - 10 minutes before rinsing with hot water or brush with cold water.

Foaming Spray - Concentration between 5-30%. Apply and leave to act between 5 - 10 minutes before rinsing with pressurised water.

Why must I rinse the surface?

Rinsing serves two purposes; firstly, ECO-Klean 100 is a strong, alkaline solution so rinsing after use ensures that the treated surface is clear of residue and that no cross contamination of other surfaces can occur. Secondly, the mechanical action of rinsing will lift the emulsified dirt and staining from the surface leaving you with the clean surface that you want.

What is the coverage of ECO-Klean 100?

Very hard to say for certain as it depends upon the porosity of the surface, the concentration at which it is being used and the method of application. As a guide, applying with a compression or knapsack sprayer will give you a coverage between 20m2 and 120m2 per litre. This means that a 10-litre container will give you an approximate coverage between 200m2 and 1200m2.