Pest Control

The enjoyment of our home and garden can often be spoiled by troublesome pests. Our solutions for pest control are sturdy, reusable and free of dangerous chemicals.

Garden Chafer Beetle Pheromone Trap

This trap catches chafer beetles with an attractant lure included. The bugs are destructive pests that target areas such as lawns, parks and sport pitches.

Garden Chafer Beetle Pheromone Lure

This is a replacement lure for the garden chafer beetle traps.

Plum Fruit Moth Trap With Pheromone Lure

This pheromone trap gives off a scented lure (included) that attracts male plum fruit moths and traps them without the use of chemicals.

Wasp Trap With Attractant Lure

This trap attracts and catches wasps due to its attractant lure, 125ml supplied, and ensures that they cannot escape. It will not catch bees so that you can be assured that they are protected.

Nematode For Leatherjacket

This special two pack formula includes 50 million live nematodes and a separate wetting compound that improves the water holding capacity of the soil/growing media allowing the nematodes work better...

Attractant Lure Replacement for Wasp Traps 1 Litre

This liquid attracts wasps to our wasp trap and away from your seating areas. Particularly useful from July.