Welcome to our sprayer spares page. On this page you will find spray nozzles, connectors, seals, repair kits and many other items for your Mesto, IK and Goizper sprayers. We have tried to put as much technical information as we felt necessary however if you are not certain of the compatibility of the spare part with your sprayer, or new sprayer, then please just ask us. We want to help you so call us or send us a message via our CONTACT US page.

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Plastic Foaming Nozzle - Hand Sprayers

Foaming nozzle for use with our Mesto range of 'hand' sprayers.

Plastic Foaming Nozzle - Cleaner Range

Foaming nozzle for use with our Mesto range of Cleaner sprayers.

Four Hole Nozzle

Four hole nozzle for fine spray mist over a larger spray areas.

Mesto Reducer - Female/Male Standard

Brass/Plastic reducer with 'o-ring' - 18mm female to 11mm male thread.

Mesto Connecting Collar - Male/Male

Male/male connecting collar for our Mesto range of sprayers

Mesto Connecting Collar - Female/Female

Female/Female connecting collar for our Mesto range of sprayers

Mesto Brass Elbow Connector

Brass threaded elbow for our Mesto sprayer range.

Hollow Cone Nozzle - 1.1mm bore - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel nozzle for most spraying requirements. Hollow cone spray pattern with 70o spray angle.

Sprayer Spare Nozzle Set - Goizper

A selection of nozzles for the application of different chemical products. Hollow cone and fan spray nozzles.

Plastic Foaming Nozzle, Narrow Full Cone

Foaming nozzle for use with our Mesto sprayers Inox Plus, Cleaner & Primer compression sprayers.

Plastic Foaming Nozzle - Flexi Plus

Foaming nozzle for use with our Mesto Flexi Plus compression sprayer.

Plastic Flat Jet Nozzle- 90° Spray Angle

Nozzle made from PVDF which is resistant to some of the most aggresive cleaning chemicals.

Adjustable Sprayer Nozzle - Plastic

Adjustable sprayer nozzle allows you to adjust your spray pattern from full jet to large hollow cone. Gives you flexibility to use the correct spray pattern for the chemical products you are using.

O-Ring Washer NBR

O-Ring washer made from NBR material D10x3mm

Mesto Reducer - Female/Male

Brass reducer - 18mm female to 11mm male thread.

Adjustable Nozzle - Brass

Brass sprayer nozzle with 90o spray arc. Fully adjustable giving you a range of spray patterns for general spraying including horticulture.

First Aid Kit - Garden Range

First Aid kit for our garden range of Mesto compression sprayers

Hosepipe Connector

Connector for a standard hosepipe to our telescopic lances.

Brass Hollow Cone Nozzle, 2.5mm bore

Special brass nozzle designed for flood coating spray requirements such as whitewashing. Hollow cone spray pattern for our Mesto range of sprayers with a 65o spray angle and high flow rate.

Brass Hollow Cone Nozzle, 1.85mm bore

Brass nozzle for most spraying requirements. Hollow cone spray pattern with 80o spray angle, high flow rate and a large droplet size.

Brass Hollow Cone Nozzle

Brass nozzle for most spraying requirements especially horticulture and neutral cleaning products.

Brass Flat Jet Nozzle with High Flow Rate

High flow rate brass nozzle especially suited to thick liquids and the construction industry.

Brass Flat Jet Nozzle

Flat jet spray pattern with an internal filter and 80o spray angle.

Brass Double Hollow Cone Nozzle, 1.1mm bore

Double head spray extension with hollow cone spray pattern especially suited for horticulture use.

Compressed Air Filler Valve - Narrow

Valve to connect your METAL or STAINLESS STEEL sprayer to an air compressor.

Compressed Air Filler Valve - Wide

Valve to connect your METAL or STAINLESS STEEL Mesto sprayer to an air compressor.

Discharge Handle - Mesto FOAMER EPDM

Replacement handle for our 8-litre Mesto, alkaline, foaming sprayer

Flat Jet Fish Nozzle

Stainless Steel nozzle with high flow rate ideal for high application rates

Male/Male Plastic Threaded Connector

Threaded connector M11 with Viton seals for use with our Mesto sprayers

Brass Nozzle for Fine Distribution

Brass Flat Jet nozzle for the fine distribution of various liquids including release agents, disinfectants and cleaning solutions. Used widely in the construction industry.

O-ring Washer FPM

O-Ring washer made from FPM material D10x3mm

Seal Kit FPM - Cleaner Range

Pack of 8 O-rings of various sizes and a replacement valve disc

Rotating Brass Double Nozzle

Two hollow cone, brass nozzles that rotate allowing you to spray in different directions

Seal Kit - Mesto RS Knapsack Sprayers

Seal kit for our RS12 & RS18 knapsack sprayers

Seal Kit - Cleaner Range EPDM

Service kit for our Cleaner range of compression sprayers with EPDM seals

Seal Kit - Mesto Stabilus Sprayer

Replacement seal kit for the stainless steel Stabilus sprayer

Seal Kit - Super Extreme & Cleaner Sprayers

Service kit for our Super Extreme & Cleaner range of compression sprayers with EPDM seals

Seal Kit - Ferrox Plus & Inox Plus Sprayers FPM

Serevice kit for our Metal and Stainless Steel sprayers with FPM seals

Seal Kit - Profi Plus & Cleaner Compression Sprayers

Replacement seal kit for our Profi Plus and Cleaner range of compression sprayers

Brass Flat Jet Nozzle

Brass nozzle with plastic surround for fine liquid distribution

Flat Jet Plastic Nozzle

Plastic Flat Jet nozzle for spraying thicker liquids

Flat Jet Brass Nozzle - Fine Distribution

Fine distribution of liquids such as biocides and release agents

Plastic Nozzle - Flat Jet

Flat Jet nozzle with 2.5 bar optimum spray pressure. Acid resistant.

Brass Nozzle Medium Flow Rate

For the application of biocides and cleaning chemicals. Wide spray angle for good coverage.

Nozzle Pin - Black

Black, course nozzle pin for hollow cone nozzles

Nozzle Pin White

White plastic insert pin for nozzles

Clear Plastic Gasket

D15 x D11 x 2mm plastic gasket for our Mesto nozzles

First Aid Kit - Professional Range

Kit for our Profi range of sprayers and our RS Knapsack sprayers

Telescopic Lance Connector Pack

Replacement connectors or our 5.4 & 3.2 metre telescopic lances.

Double Spray Nozzle

Double adjustable spray nozzle to increase the size of your spray pattern

Spray Nozzle for Herbicides

This nozzle is for our Goziper range of sprayers and designed for the application of herbicides

Sprayer Telescopic Lance - 1-metre

Telescopic lance extending to 1 metre for our knapsack, backpack and compression sprayers.

Discharge Handle 1

This is a replacement discharge handle for a number of our Mesto compression sprayers

Brass Spray Lance with Hollow Cone Nozzle

50cm lance with 1.1mm hollow cone nozzle.