Our own professional range of solutions to kill moss, algae, lichen and mould and prevent re-growth on all surfaces.

As manufacturers of professional and industrial moss killing solutions, we are proud of the relationships that we have maintained for over 20 years with contractors, industry and the general public. We supply systemic and 'on contact' solutions that can be used on all types of surface, such as roofs, patios, walls and tennis courts as well as lawns and decking.

Contact Solutions - will kill heavy moss growth and treat lichen quickly but will require rinsing and/or a brush to remove the dead growth.

Systemic Solutions - works over several hours as transferral to the moss root ensures complete eradication thus do not rinse and apply in dry weather.

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Baticlean CR

BATICLEAN CR is a systemic moss killer to effectively kill moss, algae, lichen and mould growth on all hard surfaces. It will also keep moss clear of your surfaces as it is designed NOT to be rinsed.


BATIFACE Rapid acting killer on contact for moss, algae and lichen. Cleaning action.Rinse after use. Quantity Discounts


Strong, quick acting contact cleaner for BLACK SPOT, moss, algae, lichen; removes stains before rinsing. Quantity Discounts

Batiface ECO

Professional uPVC, conservatory & fascia cleaner. 1 litre covers up to 100m2.


HYDROCLEAN is a moss killer & water repellent/sealer in one product.

Hydrosil BS

HYDROSIL BS is a water repellent to seal roofs and walls from water ingress allowing surfaces to breathe. Prevents moss and algae growth.

ProDeck Wood Cleaner

Cleaner for wood, timber and decking to remove greening and algae that can be a slip hazard.

Renovator Pro

An economic way to look after your lawn and green areas to kill both moss and weeds whilst feeding the grass.

Jewel Lawn Moss and Weedkiller 1.5kg

Attack weeds and moss in one application, both on contact and down to the roots.