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Welcome To The Family

Our new Fix Oil Plus compression sprayer has now taken its place within our extensive range of compression sprayers. A brightly coloured and robust 5-litre storage tank together with a 2-metre, transparent, oil resistant hose means that this unit now sits alongside our sprayers and especially the 5-litre and 10-litre Profi Plus.

The special oil resistant hose together with the plastic lance and nozzle makes this sprayer an ideal option for the construction industry and for spraying such liquids as wood preservatives, pest control, primers and release agents. There is also an option to adapt the sprayer so that it can be filled by an air-compressor thus eliminating the need to compress the tank manually.

The addition of the Fix Oil Plus brings our range of compression sprayers up to 49 so we are confident that we have the right sprayer to meet the needs of our customers.