FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Is mosskiller safe around my pet?

There is no problem using our range when you have pets around, such as cats and dogs, but you must follow the instructions carefully. Animals tend to lick their paws and any chemical should not be drunk. Therefore, the contact cleaners such as Batifort and Batiface should be thoroughly rinsed and dried before allowing your pet access. Baticlean CR is designed to be left on the surface so you must keep your pet away until dry and at least 24-48 hours. 

How much moss killer is needed for a tennis court?

The size of a standard doubles tennis court is just under 600m2 including the runoff. We usually recommend that you treat the whole area in case there are spores that you cannot see so that would equate to 20 litres of Baticlean CR. There is more detailed information about calculating your requirements here: https://www.mosskillers.co.uk/information-pages/sports-surfaces/tennis-court-maintenance-coverage

Which sprayer do I need?

We have a wide range of spraying equipment to suit all requirements. Generally the compression sprayers are a smaller capacity and are carried at the shoulder with a pump at the top. Some of the compression sprayers have optional backstraps so that they can be worn on the back. The knapsack sprayers are larger capacity, are worn at the back and have a handle at the side for pumping. Check the pH of the chemical that you are using and if you are intending extended use of acids or alkalines then you can choose chemical resistant equipment. Baticlean CR, for example, is pH neutral, so any of the standard sprayers would be fine.

Is Baticlean CR safe on wood and thatch for killing moss?

Baticlean CR is pH neutral and will not affect any surface. It is a surface biocide designed to kill moss systemically which is why it is left on the surface without rinsing. It can also be used on painted surfaces or beneath paint or varnish to treat and prevent mould.