Household Cleaners

Netklean Biodegradable Degreasing Cleaner

1-litre Netklean is a surface cleaner suitable for kitchens and food preparation surfaces

Proclean C6

Dissolves cooking fats and disintegrates carbon deposits in kitchen ovens, roasters, grills and wood burning stoves.

Sprovit Concentrated Glass Cleaner

1-litre Sprovit is a professional glass and window cleaner supplied in concentrated form

Sprovit CR - Super Concentrate Glass Cleaner

10-litre Sprovit CR is a professional glass and window cleaner in super concentrated form

ProSanit Strong Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner

Professional and industrial strength bathroom cleaner and descaler

Batiface ECO

Professional uPVC, conservatory & fascia cleaner. 1 litre covers up to 100m2.

Unblocker - drains, gutters - granules 1 kg

Unblock and clean downpipes, drains and gutters - granular formulation

Q-Net 150

Deep clean all surfaces including those in contact with food. Quickly destroys micro-organisms such as Streptococcus & E-coli.


Powerful surface degreaser and cleaner that can be used on building facades and roofs.