Cleaning timber decking to prevent slippery hazards

Moss Timber Wood 600X600

Cleaning timber decking is a simple task with the right products

Timber decking, whilst looking great and being very functional does have a problem in that it can become very slippery during autumn & and winter months. Timber decking becomes very dirty and can generally look a little tired and unattractive quite quickly. This is caused by moss, algae, dirt and general weathering as well as spillages from things like a BBQ so it is very important that the area is cleaned to prevent this from happening.

Preparation The area should be brushed to remove any visible growth and loose dirt. Using a good firm deck brush will do this job quickly and easily.

Treatment Once the preparation has been carried out, apply Professional Timber Decking Cleaner - PRODECK to the area. Depending upon the type of stains you wish to remove or the amount of cleaning that is required, dilute 1 litre with between 2.5 & and 9 litres of water, then spray or brush onto the surface before working the area with a soft brush. After 5 - 10 minutes rinse with a hosepipe or small pressure washer. If you wish to apply a stain or other type of colour to the timber surface then this can be applied once the cleaning process with PRODECK is complete and either before or after the Baticlean CR has been applied.

FUTURE You should always try and keep the area clean and remove leaves and anything that causes shade across the area especially during the winter months. Brushing the surface occasionally will help and does take too much effort.

In addition to this, we recommend treating it annually by brushing the surface and on a dry day, applying a new coat of CONCENTRATED MOSS & ALGAE KILLER - Baticlean CR