How to choose your roof moss killer - surface and treatment

Mossy Roof 600X600

There are many moss killer products within our range that will both kill moss, inhibit the regrowth of moss and even both within the same product. Most of our products can be used on many different types of surface so killing moss on a roof and removing moss on a patio can, in many instances, be done by the same product. Currently, we are looking at a roof moss killer; therefore which products, from within our range, are best suited to killing moss and lichen on different types of roof?

When selecting a product from our range you need to think about what you want the product to do, how you would like it to do it and what work you are prepared to do. All the products within our moss killer range will, obviously, kill moss however they all work in different ways and require different methods of application.

The most popular roof moss killer from within our range is Baticlean CR. This can be used on almost all roof types including:

· Thatch Roof

· Flat Roof – built up felt, single ply membrane, mastic asphalt & conservatory roofs

· Tiled Roof

· Slate Roof

As the product is pH neutral, if used as directed, it will not harm any of these roof coverings so can be used safely by both amateur and professionals alike. What attracts many of our customers to Baticlean CR is the ease of use and application. Simply dilute and apply to a dry surface on a dry, calm day. Once applied the moss on your roof will be killed along with spores and lichen. You don’t need to rinse the surface and we don’t recommend rinsing as the Baticlean CR will inhibit regrowth meaning that your roof covering will stay clear of new moss growth for a longer period.

Another very popular roof moss killer is Batiface. This can be used on most roof surfaces but is best suited to tiled and slate. The difference with this product is that it requires rinsing from the roof surface once the moss and lichen has been killed which is normally between 1–2 hours after application. This means that you need to not only apply the product but rinse which increases the amount of physical input and time you need to spend doing the job. The bonus is that the roof is clear of growth in a matter of hours.

Other products to clean your roof include:

Hydroclean - Moss killer & water repellent sealant in one product

Hydrosil BS - Water repellent sealer to be applied once your roof covering has been cleaned

A Clean - Biocide for cleaning large areas especially industrial roof areas

You can find a lot more information on the best products to use, suggested method of application and how best to undertake treatment on various surfaces by visiting our information sheets.

Using a sprayer will allow you to get the best coverage rates from many of our products. We have a comprehensive range of all types of sprayer including knapsack sprayers, compression sprayers and electric sprayers. There is a wide range of sprayers to cover all types of application method and type of product.