Headstone and Grave Cleaning and Protection

Moss On Headstones 230X230

Cleaning Moss and Algae from Graves and Headstones.

We understand the importance of caring for the final resting place of our loved ones. Natural elements and weather conditions will always encourage growth and greening on exterior surfaces, but extra care should be taken when cleaning such delicate, sentimental and often aged structures. Our solutions are ideal for cleaning moss, algae and lichen from delicate surfaces such as headstones.The stonework should be prepared by brushing down any heavy growth and repairing any crumbly areas. Batiface is applied on heavy growth areas or where lichen is a problem, before rinsing. Baticlean is then applied to treat spores and prevent spread. Hydroclean can be applied afterwards as a water repellant for extra protection.

We have put together a pack with small quantities of each of these solutions to cover small areas so that you can remove the growth and prevent it returning - ideal if you cannot visit often. Basic safety wear has been included.

Our products are easy to use and full instructions are included.