Cleaning textured walls such as render and pebble dash


Cleaning Textured Walls

Textured wall coatings, pebble dash or even smooth painted areas do not regularly become coated with actual 'lumps' of moss, normally they suffer from either an algae or lichen; the colour and type of growth can depend greatly upon the geographical area of the country. However the treatment varies slightly depending upon the surface coating.

If you have a textured coating or pebble dash walls then you can undertake exactly the same processes, taking care with the amount of pressure you apply wither during pre-washing, application or rinsing.


With all surfaces, preparation is the key to a successful job. With this type of surface, cleaning the old growth is quite straight forward. There are, however, a number of options:

OPTION 1 - Depending upon the type of growth, you may find that wetting the area and brushing will remove a vast majority or even all of the growth. It may sound simple but sometimes this can be the most effective method.

OPTION 2 - Brush the area to remove any loose growth and dirt then spray with CONCENTRATED MOSS & ALGAE KILLER - Baticlean CR as detailed under TREATMENT below.

OPTION 3 - If the area has hard lichen growth (or especially black growth), more forceful measures may be required. Spray the area with HIGH POWER SURFACE CLEANER - Batifort. This kills the growth on contact and should be left on the surface for 10-20 minutes. Afterwards the area should be washed with either a hosepipe and brush or, ideally, a SMALL pressure washer. The pressure washer not only rinses the product but also removes the dead growth from the surface.

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Once the surface has been cleaned and is dry apply a coat of BATICLEAN CR. This will kill any remaining growth and the invisible spores, and is designed to be left upon the surface where it can inhibit re-growth. Please remember that Baticlean CR should only be sprayed on to a DRY surface.


The effective lifespan of BATICLEAN CR depends upon the area in which it is being used. If surrounded by trees and/or constantly in shade, you may see fresh growth within 10 - 18 months. However, if on an unshaded wall there may be no re-growth for many years.

When fresh growth is visible, simply brush the area and apply a new coat of Baticlean CR.