Cleaning moss from artificial sports surfaces

Mossa 600X600

Artificial grass is just that; a synthetic turf, or surface, made to look like natural grass. Nowadays, it is widely used as residential lawns, for commercial applications such as landscaping around housing developments, and for common areas in and around town centres. All of these is very different from its original application as a sports surface. There are many reasons for its popularity; it doesn't really require any watering, it is very low maintenance and artificial turf will endure some very heavy use. However, the material does have a downside; it has a lifespan, and, in some areas, it can become coated in moss.

The method for removal of this moss and the prevention of fresh growth is straightforward and there are a number of ways to undertake the task, but the basic steps are as follows:


The first thing that you should do BEFORE you apply any of our moss killing products is remove as much of the moss growth as possible. You have probably been doing this anyway and you will possibly have your preferred method, but we recommend using a good quality brush or a leaf rake. If going down the rake route then we do recommend a plastic rake as a metal rake could, potentially, cause damage to the surface as they are generally heavier than a plastic rake so can sink further into the surface. This could give a better result however one would have to use more caution when using a metal rake. We have a range of brushes and brooms, including our WIRE BROOM that will really help with clearing the area. The more growth that can be removed prior to treatment, the less moss killing product required and the quicker the moss will be killed.


Once the surface has been brushed or raked, and as much of the moss growth as possible has been removed, then it is time to apply your moss killer. For killing the moss on your artificial grass, we recommend the application of BATICLEAN CR - Concentrated Moss & Algae Killer, which will kill both the moss growth and the moss spores. It then remains on the surface to inhibit re-growth. BATICLEAN CR should not be rinsed. Prior to the application of Baticlean CR, you should ensure that the surface is as dry as possible and that rain is not forecast for the day giving enough time for the product to dry following application.

Future Care

Moss and algae cannot begin to regrow on your surfaces until nature has completely washed away the BATICLEAN CR. We recommend that the surface is kept as clear of leaves and that the surface is free from shade, where possible. Also, the surface should be brushed on a regular basis, especially in areas where shade or water retention is apparent.

With regards to re-application there are two options. Baticlean CR can either be re-applied on a regular basis (every 12-18 months) or when the first signs of fresh growth are seen.