Cleaning a polytunnel, upvc and plastic polymer surfaces

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Within the UK, many household conservatories, polytunnels, windows and garden furniture are made of uPVC or other plastic polymers which provide perfect conditions for algae to grow in damp weather. Such greening can leave external surfaces unsightly, as well as being a health and safety hazard as the algae may provide a growth surface for more dangerous bacteria and fungi. Dirty polytunnels are also less effective at providing an ideal environment for plants to grow as the dark and green plastic will prevent sunlight from entering the tunnel and the dark and moist space could contribute to plant diseases.

Being non- porous, uPVC and plastic materials can be more difficult to treat with standard moss killers which work systemically. Contact killers can be too harsh and damage the plastic material. Other solutions that require rinsing will not leave a residual effect to protect against future growth. We at SPCB have therefore designed a product called Batiface Eco which works effectively on contact to kill the algae and clean plastic surfaces without damage whilst at the same time, leaving a residual effect.

Batiface Eco is a triple-action combination of contact killer, systemic killer and cleaner in one product, effective on moss, algae and greening, so is ideal for non-porous surfaces. As well as plastics, it can be used on hard surfaces such as wood, metal and stone so it is a universal product with many potential uses around the home and garden. It is also used by professional contractors and by councils, such as for cleaning road signs and park equipment.

Treatment is simple. Ensure the surface is dry and that no rain is forecast during the time of treatment. Use Batiface Eco neat for heavy dirt but the product can be diluted up to 1:5 ratio for general and ongoing maintenance. Spray evenly onto the surface using a sprayer or use a simple cloth or brush. Neat or once diluted, each litre of Batiface Eco will cover 5m2 making it a highly efficient product.

On satisfactory application, leave the product on the surface for 10 to 15 minutes; up to 30 minutes for heavy soiling if necessary. Whilst Batiface Eco does not require rinsing usually (or for maintenance), it is advisory to rinse and clean very dirty surfaces with water using a cloth or brush after the solution has acted to remove the grime. A further application is possible to leave a residual action to maintain this clean appearance.