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Window cleaning

Exterior Surface Cleaners


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Powerful surface degreaser and cleaner that can be used on building facades and roofs.

From£5.49 (ex. VAT)
Multiple sizes available
Batifort 15

Strong, quick acting contact cleaner for BLACK SPOT, moss, algae, lichen; removes stains before rinsing. Quantity Discounts

From£8.95 (ex. VAT)
Prices start from £5.00 per kg
Brick Acid SP Strip
SP-Strip Cement Cleaner

Acidic water based cleaner, suitable for brick and stone surfaces, removes dirt and cement staining.

From£5.99 (ex. VAT)
Mutiple sizes available. Prices from:
Eco Klean100
ECO-Klean 100 - 1 litre

Strong, ecological, desincrustant detergent for the cleaning of buildings and other external surfaces

From£9.25 (ex. VAT)
From £6.00 per litre (bulk discounts)
Decking Cleaner Prodeck 1
ProDeck Wood Cleaner

Cleaner for wood, timber and decking to remove greening and algae that can be a slip hazard.

From£6.75 (ex. VAT)
Prices start from £6.25 per litre
Q-Net 150

Concentrated disinfectant to deep clean all types of surface including those in contact with food. 1-litre makes up to 50-litres working solution.

From£9.95 (ex. VAT)
Solar panels
Sprovit CR

Professional cleaner, for solar panels and glass surfaces, in super concentrated form.

£48.50 (ex. VAT)
Multiple sizes available
Batiface Eco 18 1
Batiface ECO

Professional uPVC, conservatory & fascia cleaner. 1-litre covers up to 100m2.

From£8.29 (ex. VAT)
Multiple sizes avaiable
Graffipro AQ
Graffipro AQ

Long lasting surface protection against graffiti and the adherence of stickers & posters

£38.95 (ex. VAT)
Graffinet DC
Graffinet DC

Neutral cleaner & stripper of graffiti, markers & glues from most surface types

£49.00 (ex. VAT)
Graffiti DC20
Graffinet DC 20

Remove graffiti, ink and paint from porous and non-porous surfaces

£46.00 (ex. VAT)
Graffiti Removal DC50
Graffinet DC 50

Acidic based graffiti & paint remover for porous and non-porous surfaces

£46.00 (ex. VAT)
Graffiti Removal DC100
Graffinet DC 100

Alkaline based graffiti and paint remover for all types of porous & non-porous surfaces

£45.00 (ex. VAT)
Rust Removal Netphos 50 Gel
Netphos 50 Gel

Remove rust, passivate and degrease metal without harming the surface material. 5-kg.

£25.00 (ex. VAT)