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sprayers and extensions

We have a range of sprayers selected for their quality, reliability and ease of use.  Compression sprayers for using on smaller areas, knapsack sprayers for larger areas and more comfort when in operation and even an electric knapsack sprayer.

You should find the sprayer you are after that will match your spraying requirements.  We also have replacements, spares and added items to make the spraying even easier.

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Knapsack Sprayer - 12-litre

IK Backpack Sprayer -  High Specification12-litre Unit

Knapsack Sprayer - 16-litre

Backpack sprayers that are ideal for both professional and amateur users. Unique pressure regulator reduces work and wastage.

Knapsack Sprayer - 20-litre

20-litre backpack sprayer with PRESSURE REGULATOR to save you time and product wastage.

Electric Backpack Sprayer - E+ Sprayer

High quality electric backpack sprayer with 15-litre capacity & spare nozzel pack.  Ideal for professional & amateur use.

Electric Compression Garden Sprayer-Easy+

High quality 7-litre electric sprayer with 5-litre working capacity which is ideal for many uses around the home & garden.

Compression Sprayer - 5-litres

Compression sprayer supplied with carry strap, application lance, 2 x lance extensions, 2 x hoses and 3 x nozzles.

Easily convert your compression sprayer to electric

Convert your compression sprayer into an electric one with this simple adaptor.  Suitable with all of our compression sprayers above 4-litres.

Compression Sprayer - 4-litre Capacity

4-litre compression sprayer supplied with carry strap, application lance, hose winder, metal handle, 2 x hoses and 2 x nozzles.

Compression Sprayer - 5-litre

5-litre compression sprayer - idea for home use

Compression Sprayer - 8-litre Capacity

8-litre professional, compression sprayer supplied with carry strap, application lance, hose winder, metal handle, 2 x hoses (acid & alkaline) and 2 x nozzles (plus 2 replacement nozzels).

Sprayer Extension Lance - Flexible Nozzle
This 250mm flexible & directional hose is designed to give extra, useful reach and direction to our Sprayer Lance Extensions.  With these extensions already reaching 3.2 or 5.4-meters in length most areas will be able to be reached without too many issues however the main benefit of these hoses is being able to angle your spray nozzle so that you can spray behind on top or even under areas that you couldn't do with just the telescopic extension.  Please remember that these extensions are fully moveable so can be easily set at any angle that you wish. ..
Compression Sprayer - 8-litre

Compression Sprayer Range - 8 litre compression sprayer