Brick, Stone and Block Walls

Brick, Stone and Block Walls

Moss Killer - Clean & Protect Brick, Stone & Block Walls

The work method for the removal of moss, algae or lichen from walls depends upon the type of wall, what it built from, its age and general condition.

With all types of construction the removal of moss, algae, lichen or just 'greening' is most important not just for the appearance of the wall but to maintain its structural strength and lengthen its lifespan. Brick, stone and block walls all have a level of porosity, which provides food, and have uneven surfaces that provide a perfect surface for the moss, algae, lichen to make home and live happily. Unfortunately this growth will, over a period of time, cause damage to the wall by loosening mortar and causing spalled brickwork all of which will eventually need costly repairs.

A vast majority of this can be avoided by following some simple steps and undertaking a small amount of general maintenance:


The surface should be brushed to remove any loose growth, dirt and dust. The wall should then be inspected for damaged areas such as loose mortar, damaged bricks or loose stones and any remedial works undertaken.

If the wall is covered by trees, shrubs or plants it may help to cut these back slightly to allow more light onto the surface therefore allowing the area to dry quicker and not remain damp all of which encourage fresh growth.


The type of wall you have depends upon the best treatment. For a vast majority of surfaces, apart from soft stone such as Sandstone, the best method for a wall with lichen coverage is to spray the area with Spray the area with RAPID MOSS & ALGAE KILLER - Batiface. This kills the growth on contact and should be left on the surface for between 30-60 minutes. After which the area should be washed with either a hosepipe and brush or, ideally, a SMALL pressure washer. The pressure washer not only rinses the product but also removes the dead growth from the surface.

Once the area has been cleaned, and is dry, we advice the application of CONCENTRATED MOSS & ALGAE KILLER - Baticlean CR. As it is impossible to remove all of the spores (you can't see them!) this will ensure they are dead and then stays on the surface to inhibit re-growth.

If the wall has moss and 'greening' the on a dry day, and a dry surface, apply a coat of CONCENTRATED MOSS & ALGAE KILLER (Baticlean CR). Baticlean CR will kill the growth and spores but is then designed to be left upon the surface where it can inhibit re-growth. Please remember that Baticlean CR should only be sprayed on to a DRY surface.

After both of these treatments you can apply a sealer to the surface which will give long-term protection to the area and keep fresh growth at bay for up to 10-years as well as protect against water ingress (which will reduce the effect of frost on both the bricks and mortar) and against dirt and general weathering. For these surfaces we recommend ROOF & WALL SEALER - Hydrosil BS, this is water based and soaks into the surface but still allows it to breathe.


Every 10 - 14 months simply brush the surface and, on a dry day, apply a new coat of CONCENTRATED MOSS & ALGAE KILLER - Baticlean CR or just wait until the first signs of new growth appear.

If you have sealed surface then you general maintenance will be greatly reduced however we do recommend keeping trees etc. cut back and to occasionally brush the wall.



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Kills Moss Algae and Lichen on Hard Surfaces

Concentrated moss killer for use on all surface types. Kill moss and inhibit re-growth with one product.

Formerly known as 'Batimoss'


Batifort 5-kg

Black spot removal - BATIFORT 5kg will cover 25 - 50m2 depending upon surface type

Ideal for Cleaning Lichen and Marks Close-up
This hand scrubbing brush will remove stubborn marks from all surfaces and is ideal not for just moss and lichen removal but also general cleaning close-up. ..
Hydrosil BS 10-litres
10-litre container of Hydrosil BS will give a coverage of approximately 40 - 50m2 depending upon the type of surface. ..
Hydrosil BS 5-litres
5-litre container of Hydrosil BS will give a coverage of approximately 20 - 25m2 depending upon the type of surface. ..
Ideal for between block paving
Designed for small spaces, so ideal for clearing in between block paving and slabs, kerbs and gutters when clearing moss and weeds, this brush comes with a handle 1219mm height. ..
Wire Brush Heavy Duty
This heavy duty wire brush has 4 rows of hardened and tempered steel bristles set into a moulded wooden handle.  This heavy duty brush will handle the most vigorous of tasks and is ideal not for just moss and lichen removal but also rust removal and general cleaning. ..
wire scratch brush with scraper
This wire scratch brush has 4 rows of hardened and tempered steel bristles set into a moulded wooden handle for vigorous tasks and has a scraper incorporated for removing moss and lichen removal as well as rust removal and general cleaning. ..