Removing Moss From Thatched Roofs

Removing Moss From Thatched Roofs

Moss on Thatch Roof - Remove Moss from a Thatched Roof

Long Straw, Combed Wheat and Norfolk Reed are the main three materials used for Thatching roofs in the UK and obviously, as time passes, areas of a Thatched roof will become susceptible to the growth of moss. Whilst the adverse effects of moss growth upon a Thatched roof may not be as obvious as those for a 'standard' pitched or flat roof, moss growth can have serious adverse effects such as trapping water and stopping the roof from breathing. It can also, to some people, look unsightly and it will attract birds to the roof which can cause many additional problems.

The treatment for moss growth, on this type of roof, could not be easier.  We have given two options below depending upon the age and condition of your roof. It is most important that any products used upon a Thatch roof are pH neutral, all products recommended (including Baticlean CR) are pH neutral and will not have any adverse effects upon the natural roof covering.

Given the nature of a Thatched roof we would recommend only treating between the months of April - October.  The reason for this is that Baticlean CR should be applied to a dry roof, given that Thatch will take longer to dry than a 'standard' roof the lack of warmth outside of these months will generally mean that whilst the immediate surface may be dry the reeds beneath this will be damp therefore the best results will not be obtained.

If you have a new roof or your property has been recently re-covered then now is the perfect time to treat the area. Although the roof may be showing no signs of moss growth it will be covered with moss spores and it will only be a question of time before the growth of moss will start to appear in areas.

Before you treat the roof area ensure it is dry and that no rain is forecast at least for the rest of the day. We normally recommend not spraying your roof is rain has fallen within the past 2-3 days. Simply spray the area with CONCENTRATED MOSS & ALGAE KILLER - Baticlean CR at a coverage rate of 30m2 per litre of product. This application will kill the spores (together with any growth) and then stays on the surface to inhibit re-growth.

If the roof is older or it has moss growth already on it then we recommend brushing the area to remove as much of the 'growth' as possible. If this is not possible then do not worry, simply ensure the surface is dry and spray the area with CONCENTRATED MOSS & ALGAE KILLER - Baticlean CR which will kill the growth. However it may be advisable to give the roof a second coat once the moss has died to ensure that the whole roof surface has been in contact with the Baticlean CR.

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